Available Cues

The following cues are currently available for purchase.  Click on any thumbnail to view additional images, in larger size, with download and sharing options.  If you are interested in a cue, have questions, or would like to discuss a custom build then please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cue #1

Birdseye maple forearm and 4 ebony points with red, black, red, and black veneers.  5/16 x 14 piloted stainless steel joint.

Butt :

  • 29", 15.7oz
  • Ebony butt with elforyn buttcap and elforyn inlays.
  • Birdseye maple forearm.

Shaft 1 :

  • 29", 4.0oz, 13mm, 1" ferrule (ivory substitute)

$1,250.00 (shipping, handling, processing added)