View some of the comments we have received from customers, players, and so on below.  We love hearing from all of you so please send us a comment letting us know how you like your Bierbower cue!

Max Eberle, Professional

“Garten Bierbower's impact on my pool game cannot be overstated.  To this day, I consider Garten one of the greatest pool players, especially 9-Ball players, who ever picked up a pool cue.  His cue ball control is so good and his stroke so smooth that my grandpa Charles Eberle used to say 'he makes it look so easy', and he really did.  Garten's shotmaking was deadly accurate too and I was a very lucky teenager to have the chance to play with and learn from Garten in my formative years as a pool player.  Over the years he has really helped me become a much better player, and for that, I'll always be grateful.

It came as no surprise that Garten became a great cue maker yet certainly it's a treat to the pool world.  Garten's cues are classic yet uniquely beautiful with an exclusive hit that is legendary to those in the know and will surely gain a wider fan base across the world as he continues to craft fine cues in the coming years.  While I don't yet own a Bierbower cue, it's certainly on my bucket list!

Garten is a trusted friend and stand-up guy as well who I'm always happy to run into at the trade shows and tournaments.  Ask him to tell a story about the glory days of pool action and the legendary exploits of guys like Don Willis, another pool legend from Ohio.  And if you're lucky enough to see Garten run some racks, your game will be the better for it.”

Max Eberle, Professional (Nevada)

“The hit and feel of these are fantastic!  I've now purchased a total of four since getting my first with each playing exactly the same — amazing!”

Steve M. (Ohio)

“It played great and the hit is sooooo sweet.  I get a kick out of people selling cues that say 'hit' is subjective… we all know what good hit is and all three Bierbowers I have, have it.”

Bob F. (Utah)

“I am convinced you will not find a better playing cue at any price — and I've played with a lot.  This is what a cue is supposed to play like.”

Robert M. (Ohio)

“I just received my new Bierbower cue from Garten this week.  Garten did an excellent job building the cue and it came out perfect!  Superb quality and excellent playability — I will order another as soon as I come up with the design.  I highly recommend Bierbower cues for the serious pool player!”

Duane R. (Oklahoma)